"My husband and I worked with the Tim's on selling our house in Baltimore. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. They shared information about our house in various formats so people would have access to it. They held a couple open houses, showed up at our moving sale, did a couple of our home repairs, and helped move the last of our stuff out of the house when we sold it. We recommend the Tim's for anyone wanting friendly and helpful Realtors"...The Metzgers

"Tim Markland Jr. was very helpful in every step of the buying process.  Tim was very flexible and always willing to do whatever we needed or was in our best interest.  He is very personable and easy going.  With this being our first home we didn't understand a lot of things and he was very helpful when it came to explaining everything.  Tim was always getting things done on time and efficiently.  Tim was always available for questions"...Robert & Jennifer Hedderick

"As first time home buyers, my wife and I did not know where to begin.  A quick chat with Tim Markland Jr. changed all of that. He gave us pointers in what to look for, a buying timeline, and a peace of mind, knowing he had our best interests at heart.  As the process began, he would graciously and excitedly adjust to our demands and criteria changes, which happened often unfortunately.  Whether it be a single-family home at the edge of our price point, a fixer up, or a modest townhouse, he was always able and willing to adjust the search and within hours have 5 or 6 examples of what he found for us.  If he was ever busy, Tim Markland Sr. was available to assist us.  They work as a team to ensure someone is always available to assist.  Once we moved into the next phase, they were ready with suggestions in banking and inspections, but he made it very clear they were simply his suggestions, as we were first time home buyer, with little to no experience in what we should be looking for.  We felt very free to search elsewhere had we had other options in mind.  All the way up to and through closing, Tim Markland Jr. and Sr. were consistently ensuring that things were being done in our own best interests and offering their services to better the experience in any way they could"...Luke & Lisa Dempsey

"Tim Sr. & Tim Jr. are just wonderful"...Diane Firak

"Superior customer service.  Both Tim Markland Jr. & Sr. provided the most attentive and timely customer service.  We were always the first clients to see new properties.  We highly recommend both Tim Markland Jr. & Tim Markland Sr. to our friends and family.  They are both superior realtors"...Scot & Katie Roppelt